Why did I create AchillesTendon.com?

I had years of Achilles tendon problems, none of the people I went to for advice were especially helpful, and I couldn’t find good Achilles tendon injury information on the web. So, I did a ton of research, followed the researchers’ advice, and my Achilles tendons felt good. I could run and play sports pain free, it was (is!) great. I thought it would be nice to share the research, so I created AchillesTendon.com. Everything on AchillesTendon.com is based on peer reviewed research papers written by doctors, physical therapists, and scientists.

Sometimes I forget to do all the things discussed on this site and my Achilles tendons start bothering me, which is a bit embarrassing. Then I read the site again, get back on track, and my Achilles tendons are good.

I hope all this Achilles tendon information helps you too!

Ken Brandt
Editor of AchillesTendon.com

PS – Happily, my wife Judy does not have any Achilles tendon issues, but thank you to her for the very nice graphics and design of this web site! To see samples of the corporate advertising and marketing materials she has developed, see www.JudyBrandt.com.

Suggestions Welcome

We welcome suggestions, especially suggestions that are supported by peer reviewed research.   To suggest an AchillesTendon.com improvement, please email Ken at: Editor {at} AchillesTendon {dot} com.


We prefer email, but to reach us by mail, please contact us at:
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